Discover your path to inner harmony

Our Studio

Our Studio is a vibrant space where creativity meets spirituality. Designed to inspire movement, artistry, and deep self-exploration, it stands as the heart of our expressive practices.

Within this nurturing environment, each movement and brushstroke becomes a form of meditation—a celebration of the spirit. Whether through yoga, dance, painting, or other artistic expressions, our studio offers a sanctuary for you to freely explore and express your inner creativity.

The Den at Sacred Tones

Tucked away within Sacred Tones, The Den serves as a serene retreat for personal reflection and tranquility. It's a haven where calm and connection thrive, providing a peaceful pause on your spiritual journey. Amidst its gentle ambiance and soothing energy, you can delve into mindfulness and emerge refreshed.

Herbal Bar

Enter the tranquil embrace of our Herbal Bar—a space dedicated to natural wellness. Here, ancient herbal wisdom meets contemporary understanding to create a haven for holistic health and relaxation. Our Herbal Bar offers a curated selection of teas, tinctures, and elixirs designed to nourish both body and spirit. Each sip, crafted to either invigorate the mind or soothe the soul, brings you closer to inner balance and wellness.

Meet the founder

Introducing Carla von Anhalt, the visionary behind Sacred Tones. Carla's journey is a testament to passion, inspiration, and a profound commitment to spiritual growth. Through her blend of wisdom and warmth, she has transformed Sacred Tones into a sanctuary where individuals can harness the transformative power of sound and meditation. Carla's dedication to fostering a supportive community stems from her belief in the innate capacity for self-discovery and personal transformation within each individual.

A drop of peace in the city

At Sacred Tones, we champion the transformative power of sound to harmonise our inner world. Whether you're a seasoned meditation enthusiast or embarking on your journey of self-discovery, you've discovered a place that resonates with your spirit.

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