Children's Grow Your Own Wildflowers Growing Kit


Grow some pollinator-friendly wildflowers with this complete growing kit, exclusive to Gardening for Kids! This children's growing kit contains a bright purple 8cm bamboo plant pot, a peat-free coir disc and easy-to-grow wildflower seeds: all you need to start growing wildflowers. Peat-free compost Easy to grow Perfect for beginners Reusable, biodegradable 8cm bamboo pot Sow indoors in Sept-Oct or March-April. Don't use too many seeds at once, or they will be overcrowded. When the small plants are about 5cm tall, take all the compost and plants out of the pot in one clump and plant them in a sunny spot in the garden. You will have enough seeds to sprinkle a few directly onto the ground and cover with a thin layer of soil. Enjoy lovely flowers, bees and butterflies all summer. Not suitable for children under 3 years, expanding compost is a choking hazard. Adult supervision recommended.