DIY SMUDGE KIT - Sage Kit - Gifting - Offline Activities


DIY KIT to make your own smoke cleansing bundle! Please note every DIY may vary depending on availability! *last 3 images are just examples and ideas of what you can make All components are sustainably sourced + ready to be made into a gorgeous bundle of your choice! Great for gifting! D E T A I L S : -Blue Sage bundle or green sage depending on availability -Palo Santo -Wildflowers (colors will vary between creams/pinks/lavenders/yellows/orange) -Maeigold, Spray Roses, strawflowers, carnations or other wildflowers depending on season (colors will vary and every kit may be slightly different) -Babies Breath or Limonium -Lavender -Eucalyptus -Bay Leaves -Herbs -Cotton String -Instructional Cleansing Card -Instructional card on how to tie your bundle -Packaged in a small box ready for display! Bundle Approximately 4" in length