Minimalist brass dome incense stick holder, holds three sized sticks of incense. Add simplicity to your life. πŸŒ€ Available in choice of 3 colours πŸŒ€ Comes in hemp travel pouch πŸŒ€ Hold incense from 1mm - 3mm thick NOTES ~ This incense holder is weighty enough for most types of incense ~ Ume incense make pure, plant derived Japanese style incense (which is solid stick and contains no bamboo core. However this brass incense holder will also hold other such incense sticks) ~ You can use this incense stick holder on its own, or combine with a stylist incense burner or bowl of your choice ~ All of our Ume handmade stoneware incense burners come with this brass incense stick dome holder included. However you might like to choose another colour as an addition