Pumpkin Powder For Dogs | Canned Pumpkin Purée Alternative |


🍽️EASY TO PREPARE & DELICIOUS: Sprinkle dry for a tasty garnish or mix with water to create a purée. Can be added directly to food or used for enrichment activities. 🎃NO WASTED CANNED PUMPKIN: Our Pumpkin puree is a great alternative to canned pumpkin. Our powder has a shelf life of 1 year + & portions can be customised exactly to your dog's size. Less mess and a hassle free alternative. 🐶AIDS DOG DIARRHOEA & SCOOTING: Our 100% natural air-dried pumpkin pulp, a natural prebiotic, provides high-fibre support for your dog, aiding digestion and soothing sensitive stomachs with immune-boosting nutrients. A tasty, cost-effective alternative to traditional dog diarrhoea treatments. 🌟 HUMAN GRADE: Unlike most pet products, which are feed grade, this is a 100% human-grade recipe – produced with human-grade ingredients and made in a human food facility. This means higher quality ingredients & safety standards, like what you'd expect from your own food. 1 natural ingredient only.