Gong Master - Meditation Teacher

Athena is one of London’s leading Gong Master and Meditation Teacher.

She has an extraordinary depth of experience looking after and guiding students to a place of focus, mental clarity and calm via Meditation & Mentorship. She has particular insight into the mindset of people who have high levels of demands on themselves professionally and personally. In an increasingly complex and pressured world, Athena is ept at providing pragmatic advice to students in finding their seat in the eye of the storm, discovering and drawing on their unlimited potential and living their very best life.

Athena taught Meditation in the psychiatric wards at Nightingale Hospital, the leading private Mental Health Hospital in London. She has partnered and collaborated with highly regarded brand & played at top Wellness events including The Harvest Series, The Balance Festival and Wanderlust. Recently she was guest speaker at the ‘Mental Health in the Post Digital Age’ panel and led a sound meditation at ‘All The Feels: After Hours’ event at The Design Museum as part of their highly acclaimed ‘Weird Sensations Feels Good; The World of ASMR’ exhibition. She was listed on ‘Tatler’s Best in Wellness’ in 2020 and 2023.

Prior to honouring her calling, Athena has an established career in Finance. She has an MBA from HarvardBusiness School and MA (Hons) in Philosophy, Politics & Economics from Oxford University. Her curiosity has led her to thousands of the worlds leading spiritual teachers/ coaches. Their teachings have completely changed the trajectory of her life and she finds herself more productive, mentally focused, spiritually lifted, physically stronger and simply, happier. She is keen to share this gift and enable her students to live optimally.

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