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Having to navigate a demanding career in futures trading in the 80s, in a challenging environment when female representation within the financial industry was scarce. After the birth of her first child, Dao gave up her job in the city and as a stay at home mum, embarked on entrepreneurial ventures, founding and overseeing the operations of two businesses while raising three children.

Despite the success of her work, Dao always felt there was something missing from her life that she could never verbalise. Until she discovered the work that she is now doing. It is Dao’s current vocation that resonates most deeply, at last finding her life’s purpose. It has brought her an accumulation of healing, inner peace, and profound joy. This calling has become Dao’s passion, dedicated to healing and sharing teachings that alleviate mental suffering and foster transformative shifts in perspective for clients and students.

Furthermore, she facilitates transformative breath work sessions that induce altered states of consciousness, offering participants the opportunity to explore past lives and reawaken childhood memories, even tracing back to the womb. What makes Dao’s classes unique is the warmth, wisdom and spirituality she brings to her teachings. In our busy and disconnected world where mental health is now at its worst, Dao helps us to find balance between our mind, body and soul, guides us to find the stillness within and experience an inner connection beyond
the physical realm.

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At Sacred Tones, we believe in the transformative power of sound and its ability to harmonise our inner world. Whether you're a seasoned meditation enthusiast or just beginning your journey into self-discovery, you've found a place that resonates with your spirit.

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